Friday, 24 July 2015

Starving Our Essence

I often browse through the vast range of pictures on Pinterest and many times save something I have come across. I also have a friend who sometimes sends me pictures. One of my weaknesses are these type of pictures and I probably indulge in them too much.

I came across this one: 

My point with all of this honest are we, not only to the people we love, but ourselves as well. Sometimes we convince ourselves that something - that will become an issue later on and be the cause of hurt and pain - is a good thing. 

I'll draw on unconditional love as an example. We enter into intimate relationships and when things don't go as we planned or as we believed they should, we blame the other person for the issues that is the source of pain. However, from the start, was there mutual unconditional love? Did you both love each other despite knowing the other person's worst side? Or did you both only love part of the other person? Was there enough honesty to share your deepest secrets with each other and still want to be with each other? 

Maybe in an intimate relationship, when we don't have to starve part of who we really are or hide part of who we are from the other person, maybe then we have found that one person who we can grow old with.