Wednesday, 20 April 2016

The Gift of Education

I am sitting among my colleagues at the annual graduation ceremony. This time I am part of the academic procession as a staff member and not a soon-to-be graduate. Having attended two of my three graduation ceremonies, I share in the knowledge that any graduation is a very long ceremony. 

One can naturally become frustrated and eventually switch off. This is probably just part of human nature. The Vice-Chancellor and Principal has just welcomed the awaiting students, who will soon have a qualification conferred upon each of them, to what lies ahead of each of them. 

A comfortable solid house and a flashy sedan parked in the driveway. These wants (and partial needs) aren't packaged and then freely handed out. We all have to achieve them through hard work. We all have to use our skills and depending how important a certain lifestyle is to us, work for it. 

So I sit here and am content that my years of hard work - blood, sweat and tears - still helps me to achieve my chosen lifestyle. A salute to hard work and tenacity!