Thursday, 15 October 2015

Being true...

I'm staring at some work I should be doing, as a lecturer and academic, this time of the year smacks one with many tight deadlines. Realising I'm not productive is a good start to discovering the root of my staring. 

The sound of the rain hitting the chromadek carport is comforting, yet not enough to break my stare. I have recently had to brutally admit to myself that there's something missing from my world. Trying so many times to run from that which is missing because I am an independent mother of three and the world tells us that independence has many benefits. 

Over the last couple of years, I have enjoyed my independence. It has lead me to new insights about myself. I have discovered how much I enjoy cycling and in a few days time, I will be taking part in  an annual cycling event. However, cycling , my career, my masters degree, my car, my house and the many things I have - become meaningless without a partner to share them with. 

After a tiring day at work, running after three children and family pets...the stark realisation of not having someone there to hold me...cuddle me...squeeze me tight and share with me our respective burdens and successes of the day - leaves my days incomplete. Out of all the many insights I have had, the one that stands tall from the rest is that most of us humans require this type of connection and once we do have it...we should cherish it. Surviving a day in this fast-paced global world and arriving home to that one special person who gives us something no one else does and we give the same to him/ what matters at the end. It's that simple. 

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