Saturday, 6 June 2015

A Small Hollow Place...

Last night I was invited to a prescreening of Love Likes Coincidences which is one of the films showing at the 3rd Turkish Film Festival currently at Cinema Nouvea Gateway.

The term "niche market" was briefly mentioned during one conversation. One definition of "niche" in the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary is: a small hollow place... Thinking of a niche market as a small hollow can be illuminating. It is after all a few number of people that fall into a "niche" market compared to the mainstream market. People who make up a niche market are most likely those that are thought to be uncultured by people who unquestioningly buy into and accept mainstream markets.  

The "niche-ans" are those that feel hollow, hollow from mainstream commodities. Instead they fill their space with materials that have aesthetic value. 

The film had many thought provoking moments and I will end with one of them. The father of the male protagonist said that what is most important in life is how you fill your space within your boundaries. 

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